85 Minutes from Kamloops.
55 Minutes from Kelowna.
30 Minutes from Sicamous.
26 Minutes from Vernon.
22 Minutes from Salmon Arm.
5341 Highway 97A,
Just South of Enderby.

What to know before you go!

Concession Menu

Our concession Menu changes depending on availablity of product. We offer these basic theatre concession items:
Fountain Drinks:
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer, 7-Up, Iced Tea, Dr. Pepper
Bottled Beverages: Iced Tea, Aquafina Water, Crush Soda's, Buble
Hot Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate
Popcorn: Freshly popped nightly
Candy: Large selection of candy, which changes weekly.
Hot Food:Our hot food is limited to all Beef Hot Dogs, French Fries & Nachos with Cheese.

The concession is open until the 15 minute mark of the second feature!
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How can we pay?

All tickets are sold in advance thru Ticket Seller. Please visit: www.ticketseller.ca
Information on our advance purchase pricing can be found on our main web page. We offer a discount for advance purchase, regular addmission of $15.00 per person applies for all box office sales.
When counting the number of people in your vehicle, do not count infants 2 and under.
All passengers must be in the vehicle at the time of entry, and the vehicle must have enough seatbelts to accommodate all passengers.

You will present your printed ticket upon arrival. Don't have a printer, just save the PDF to your smartphone. Tickets will be available at the box-office, if the showing is not sold out. Our advance purchase prices are discounted and regular pricing applies if purchasing upon arrival. If the showing is sold out online, no additional tickets will be sold at the box office.

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Can I change my ticket?
Yes, but you will have to call ticketseller at 250-549-7469 during regular office hours.

Tickets are non refundable but the following changes are permitted:
  • Date Change - must be changed by 400pm day of show
  • Upgrade of tickets to add more people - must be changed by 4:00pm day of show.

All changes must be made by calling ticketseller - changes cannot be made online.
You may also add additional people upon arrival at the Drive-in if you don't know in advance.

If you need assistance outside of ticket sellers office hours please email: askus@starlightdrivein.ca Back to top of page

Where is the best parking spot?
Each spot has been marked and you may choose your spot upon arrival. Your prepaid ticket guarantees you entry, but does not guarantee you a specific parking spot.
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What time do the Gates open?
The Gates will open 90 min prior to the posted showtime. As all tickets are purchased in advance, the there will be no need to arrive extra early this summer. Please have your printed or electronic ticket ready for presentation at the box office. If you are attending the second show only, please arrive 15min prior to the posted showtime.
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Do you have a concession (snack bar)?
Yes. We continue to have the lowest concession prices in BC. A copy of our menu will be handed out upon your arrival. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK.
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When does the drive-in open in the Spring and close for the Winter?
Our Summer 2024 season will be:
May 2024 to September 2024
Weekends only in May, June & September, nightly except Thursdays, in July & August. Our open nights will be clearly noted on our website and are subject to change without notice.

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Does the movie play in the rain?
Yes, the movie plays no matter the weather, the show must go on.
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What time does the movie start?
Please check individual weekly show schedules for exact times.
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Do I have to stay for both movies?
NO, you are free to leave after the first show.
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What time should I arrive?
At the posted gate opening time to pick your favourite spot.
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Can I get in after the show starts?
YES. As all tickets are pre-purchased,you may arrive anytime. We may ask you to park near the back until the first movie is over, at which time you may move to a different spot.
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If the first show is sold out can I get in for the second show?
YES, second show tickets are available online or at the box office.
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Can I bring my RV/Camper?
YES, BUT YOU MUST EMAIL US TO ADVICE THE TYPE AND LENGTH OF YOUR RV. MAXIMUM LENGHT OF ANY VEHICLE COMBINATION IS 40FEET. IF YOU ARE OVER 40 FEET, WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE YOU. We do NOT have drive-thu spots, so you must be able to backup your vehichle. And no, you cannot spend the night.
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Can I sit on the grass and/or a lawn chair?
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I have friends arriving later. Can I reserve a spot next to mine for them?
If you wish to park near each other, please arrive at the same time, there is no saving of spots.
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Can I park backwards?
YES. You can pull in backwards and sit in the back of your vehicle.
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How to I hear the movie soundtrack?
We broadcast directly into your car's radio at 106.9FM. We broadcast in FM STEREO. Any radio can pick up the movie soundtrack - a boom box, Walkman, iPod with radio, etc. We do not stream the soundtrack to the internet, so you cannot use a smartphone app to get the soundtrack. We do not recommend the use of bluetooth connections (ie: Car Radio to Bluetooth Speaker) as the audio may be delayed and won't match the movie.
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What about alcohol?
Drinking and driving is against the law. In British Columbia, you are not allowed to drink alcohol in a public place unless it has been specially approved as a place where drinking may occur. The Starlight Drive-In does not have a liquor license.
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How late is the concession open?
The concession closes about 15 minutes into the second movie.
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Can I talk during the movies?
Sure, if the people in your car will let you. That's the nice thing about going to the drive-in, you can talk during the movies! However, please be considerate of those around you, especially if you are sitting outside.
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Can I smoke?

What about Cannabis?

    The Cannabis Act of BC:
  • Prohibits cannabis smoking and vaping everywhere tobacco smoking and vaping are prohibited, as well as at playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, and other places where children commonly gather;
  • Prohibits the use of cannabis on school properties and in vehicles;

    Consumption in vehicles and boats
  • (1) A person must not consume cannabis while
  • (a) operating a vehicle or boat, or
  • (b) in or on a vehicle or boat being operated by another person.
  • (2) A person must not operate a vehicle or boat if the person knows that another person is smoking or vaping cannabis in the vehicle or boat.
  • (3) Subsections (1) and (2) apply regardless of whether the vehicle or boat is in motion.

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Can we bring a BBQ?
BBQ's are NOT permited. As you only need to arrive about 1 hour prior to showtime, there is no need to bring outside food and drink.
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Can I bring my cat/dog?
YES, but please toilet your dog before you arrive, keep them out of the concession building, annd on leash at all times. Only Guide and service dogs meeting Guide and Service Dog Act of British Columbia criteria, and able to provide proof of certification, are permitted in the concession building. As per BC Guide Dog & Service Dog Certification, emotional support animals are not recognized, and are not permitted inside the building.
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My car has daytime running lights. What should I do?
Most daytime running lights will turn off when you engage emergency brake. Shut off your vehicle, set the emergency parking brake, then turn your vehicle back on. Before the movie starts, please do a "test" to ensure that it works, so that your lights don't come on during the movie if you start your car.
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Will the drive-in kill my battery? And if so, what do I do?
Leaving your radio on should not kill your battery. Start your car at intermission to be sure its still alive. In the event that it does die, we have a booster pack in the concession that you may borrow. NOTE:We are not mechanics, we will assist you as we can, but we will not got beyond attempting to boost your vehicle. If you need assistance beyond a simple boost you will need to be a BCAA member or call White Knight towing service at (250) 838 6402.
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What about the guys in the trunk?
Having people in the trunk is just a bad idea & will result in you being sent home.
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Can you tell me when you are playing a specific movie, or what is playing on a specific date?
We usually know which movies will play about 5 - 7 days before the play date. We will update our website and online ticketing portal the moment our bookings are confirmed.
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How big is the drive-in screen?
The screen is 6000 square feet; it stands 15 feet off the ground and is 50 feet high by 120 feet wide. The screen came from Sherwood Park, Alberta in 1996.
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What are the GPS Coordinates of the Drive-in?
50.52278 Latitude / -119.13803 Longitude.
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Last Update: 11May2024

Starlight Drive-in Contact Information
Movie information: 250-838-6757
Toll Free: 1-866-407-7003
If you have a question that has not been answered above, your quickest way to an answer is to send an email. NOTE: We do not answer the phone once we are open, as we are serving our guests that have arrived, so email is best. Email Us
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